Combine Time
Melee Weapons
Battle Axe 50.000
BD-1 Cutter 50.000
Combat Knife 25.000
CS-12 Stun Master 15.000
Force Pike 50.000
Gaderffii 25.000
Sword 50.000
Vibroblade 25.000
Whip 25.000
Range Weapons and Demolitions
A295 150.000
AXM-50 50.000
B22 25.000
Bryar Pistol 50.000
Bryar Rifle 75.000
C-M Frag Storm Heavy Shotgun 40.000
DD6 50.000
DDC Defender 50.000
DH-17 50.000
DL-44 50.000
DY-225 50.000
ELG-3a 150.000
EMP Grenade 100.000
HSB-200 hold-out blaster pistol 10.000
Jawa Ionisation Blaster 50.000
MG-15 Carbine 100.000
Telltrig-7 25.000
W-2X Wrist Caster 40.000
Zenji Needles 5.000
Sales Info
Anything provided by Werda Market is sold in Okyaab System(125, 215). Usually Items will be ready within a week. However notice we are just started public Services and for that Sales sometimes may can be delayed due to Logistic Issues. If you don't like our Prices - especially for large orders - feel free to ask for an Discount or offer an Trade for your old Assets.
Survival Equipment Prices
Amphibian Survival Backpack 100.000
Amphibian Survival Mask 100.000
Amphibian Survival Suit 100.000
Arctic Survival Helmet 75.000
Arctic Survival Suit 75.000
Thermal Survival Helmet 75.000
Thermal Survival Suit 75.000
Vacuum Survival Backpack 100.000
Vacuum Survival Helmet 100.000
Vacuum Survival Suit 100.000
General Items
Electronic Lock Breaker 25.000
EMP Grenade 100.000
GPS 50.000
Heavy Belt 25.000
Jetpack 250.000
Large Backpack 250.000
Multiple Sensor Pack 100.000
Portable Power Fusion Generator 150.000
Restraining Bolt 15.000
Sub-Space Radio 50.000
Camouflage Scout Armour 2.000.000
Camouflage Scout Helmet 1.000.000
Corellian Power Suit Armour 100.000
Corellian Power Suit Helmet 100.000
Positions vacant:
  • Sitter - 1.000.000/Month
  • Pilot - 75.000/Day in Hyper
  • Writer - Salary to agree on
  • Easy Loan: 1% Interest a day - WITHOUT Compund Interests for a fixed maximum Time
  • Standard Loan: 12% Interest a Month - Compund Interest, no maximum Time
For more Details on our Banking Services go here
  • Purchase Price for a Stock is 100.000 Credits
  • The Dividend will be based on Profits and is variate heavily so.
  • Minimal dividend of 3.000 Credits for each Stock(3%) monthly is guaranted!
  • Dividend will get payed out usually in first Week of a Month.
  • There is no limit how many Stocks can purchased by a single Person.
  • Last month(June) Dividend was: 3,67%
Middles accepted by Werda Holdings are:
  • Togan Jano up to unlimited Amount
  • Werda Mird up to unlimited Amount - also insured by Werda Holdings
  • Dac Kain up to 100.000.000
  • Bossive Ketwol up to 100.000.000
  • Loren Zolo up to 50.000.000
Terms of Services

Werda Holdings have the right to:

  • refuse to deal with anyone without reason.
  • ask anyone to send first or use a middle standing on List published by Werda Holdings
  • change current Stock Details while Notice Stockholders only
  • purchase back Stocks/Shares at any time for Price they were purchased - we log any Stock Sales

Any Customer of Werda Holdings have the right to:

  • ask for using a middle standing on List published by Werda Holdings
  • refuse to use Account Balance and want pure Credits.
  • asking for Location of Items before purchasing(Beside some Exeptions in DS. In case just a rounded Coordinate must be name)
  • publish Feedback if still has used Services by Werda Holdings. This count for positive as negative Feedbacks as well. If you don't used Services YOURSELF yet, please don't post Feedback!

Any Stockholder of Werda Holdings have the right to:

  • Sell Stocks to another Person while Stock will still hold any Details like it has before. Just inform WH about the Ownership Change.